Where is Shelly?

Thanks to the miracle of satellite technology I am able to let you in on my whereabouts, in just about real time. I have a Spot locator beacon, for safety purposes and to let my friends and family see just where I have been. As on the ground, on a google map. Pretty groovy, eh?  Once I am on the trail, all you gotta do is  Click Here! If by some chance you don't see my message on any given day, not to worry. For safety sake I don't always push the "I am here" button at night... if I'm camping too close to a road or something like that. I will always try to remember to push the button the next morning before I leave camp. The operative word being "try."

I want to thank my friends and colleagues Rose and Alta for helping me solve some of the mysteries of linking things on this blog. Alta has been a tireless cheerleader on my path to becoming more comfortable with computers and all things related. Rose calmed me down when I wanted to toss my computer into the trashcan, then called me later to further sooth my frayed nerves. In addition, I'd like to thank Erin of http://erinspctjournal.blogspot.com/. She doesn't know me but was willing to talk on the phone and help me with some of the technical details of Blogger stuff.

They say it takes a village to raise up children... in my case it took a village to teach me to cut and paste. I am very lucky to have such wonderful and generous people in my life.

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