Where is Shelly?

Thanks to the miracle of satellite technology I am able to let you in on my whereabouts, in just about real time. For the past five years or so I have a Spot locator beacon, for safety purposes and to let my friends and family see just where I have been. When I was injured in 2016 I realized I had only one way to get help from that device and that was to push the SOS button, which would have brought out the EMS posse, which was more assistance than I needed at the time. Because of this lack of capacity I decided to purchase a more expensive device, a Delorme inReach Explorer, which has much more capacity to reachout to folks. I can text people and have two way conversations. Unfortunately it has way more bells and whistles than I find helpful.  I probably should have gone with the simpler device since there were many times today I wanted to simply throw the damn thing away and crawl back to my simple Spot. To say the information in the written guide is vague and incomplete is a major understatement. Having said that, I think I have figured out how folks can see where I am. https://share.garmin.com/ShellyGarside

Here is the beast. This piece of technology is way, way smarter than I am and I hope I don't simply screw something up. But I did just click the link and it does take you to the mapshare page. I just hope it stays put. I'm still basicly a mechanically inclined person and as far as electronics is concerned, as well as 0's and 1's, none of it makes sense to me. I just have to hope for the best.

BTW, if I am stopping near a road at night I often won't publish my whereabouts so not to worry if you are looking in the evening and nothing comes up. It's a safety issue for me.

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  1. Wow you are doing great...love getting up each morning and checking your progress.