Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summit Inn, Snoqualmie Pass

Sitting in my room at the Inn, watching more TV than I've seen in months. My pack is over full and leaning against the wall of my room. Lorna is on her way and we'll be off early tomorrow morning. Do we wait til 7 and eat a resturant meal or eat backpacking food, the stuff in our packs? 

I can't thank J&G enough for putting me up for the past week, and hauling my butt over here to the trailhead. I never get this much time with old and true friends, especially when they live so far from my own home. I am so lucky to have had this time with them, and others. Plus meeting new folks. A great visit all the way around. 
As usual, I doubt there will be reception for the next six days but I will try. If no blog posts you can always click on the "Where is Shelly" to see where we are on the map. Thanks to my Spot device. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cabin overnight and remodeling

I drove out Hwy 410 yesterday afternoon to see J&T at their cabin on a river. 
Their dog Vinny took a bit to warm up to me but before too long we were all caught up with each other. 
It has been raining and the river was a bit muddy from upstream landslides but by morning it had turned to clear again. 
After a rousing evening of Canadian Rummy, a new game to me, and being beat by J at every turn, we turned in early only to see it still sprinkling at dawn. After the heat of the past couple of weeks it feels so good to feel the damp and cooling breeze. 

Back in Tieton I spent the next couple of hours with a headache. G drove to Cowiche to pick up some sinus meds for me and the pain finally subsided by 4 pm. Whooie. Headaches are an energy drain. 

I don't recall whether or not I've said much about what's happening here at my friends house but they are in the midst of cleaning and painting and replacing almost everything in the house, while living in it! That's tough to do but slowly they are making progress and I've tried to be helpful. 

The stairs to the second floor (office and second bedroom) need quite a bit of work and the treads need replacing 
They're going to use OSB treads painted with a beautiful shade of purple 
Maybe we will get them installed before I leave to go hiking again...but probably not. 

The French doors are in the living room and cleaning off the paint is a tedious job. Having it right there has the same effect of keeping a jigsaw puzzle out... when you walk by its easy to pick up a razor and do a pane or two. Not so tedious that way. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

More canyon images

If you live around here you wouldn't need to go to California's Devils Postpile to see amazing volcanic columns. Right here in Yakima County there are tons of beautiful volcanic rocks, nearly every where you look. 

Does this remind you of anything???

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cowiche Canyon Hike

Went out for a short stroll this morning. Unfortunately I didn't get out till 9 am and it was already 80 degrees. I only lasted an hour but will head out earlier tomorrow!
This is a sweet short hike, 6 miles as an in and out, and it follows a creek. 
The sun was already too harsh to do a good job with the surroundings so maybe the next time. I did pickup some trash which always makes me feel better. 
Really? Smoking cigarettes in high fire danger territory? Wow. 

The plan to go back into the Cascades seems to moving right along and as long as Mom continues to improve I'll hit the trail on 8/17/14. With the wonderful addition of my friend Lorna who wants to do the next section with me. I'm delighted to have such a fun and positive person to hike with. BTW, she is a great artist as well.