Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day trip

Took a drive out to Mesa Falls today, making a nice loop into the country and back to Idaho Falls. 

While there I got to snuggle up with a grizzly bear, previously alive. She was about three years old when she met her demise but she's now a part of a bear educational exhibit. A great day. 

Neccia's making chili for dinner. Yum. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Idaho Falls

Rain rain rain rain snow rain rain sun. That was the weather yesterday. I awoke early and simply put on my clothes, pulled out of my campsite and back onto the road. That's what I did yesterday, drive. 

I kept hoping I'd find a nice area to stop and walk but the first part of the day was in fairly dense woods then open farmland or high desert scrub. I guess I could have just walked along a country road somewhere but that held no appeal. 

At some point in the day I finally called the friend I was planning to visit on Friday and asked if I could come early. Fortunately she said yes and after many long hours driving I arrive at her place in Idaho Falls. The good news is the last couple of hours of the driving day included some beautiful sun/cloud combinations.

The even better news is that N had French Onion Soup and salad waiting for me when I arrived. YUM. 

Oh, and I had breakfast at this place. 
The name was better than the food. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clyde Holiday campground

I had breakfast in Eugene, lunch in Sisters and dinner sitting in my van at this campground. In between I drove in the rain, took pictures of a PCT trailhead, wandered through the Painted Hills and hoped it would stop raining when I arrived here. It seems the last part wasn't to be. I hope to find a place to hike tomorrow as I need the exercise after sitting all day. 

It's gonna be chilly tonight!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun in Eugene

I'm having a great time here in Eugene, OR staying with old friends and seeing others. Tonight we'll be celebrating my birthday as well as my friend Aggie's as we both have the same b-day, 9/27, though she's one year older. Anyhow there will be BBQ dogs and burgers, baked beans and potato salad. With birthday ginger cake for desert. Yum!

I hiked on the Ridgeline trail this morning with the goal of submitting Spencer Butte at 2,062'. I did succeed (see above) but once on top the trail going down the other side was not clear. I heard voices coming up to the top and two runners came into view. I asked about the trail they were on (falsely assuming it was the official trail) and they said it was clear. As I dropped over the side I heard a parting comment from him saying,"it's steep!" Little did I know how right he was. Being conservative I'd say that 90% of this path was 45-60% grade and by the time I got down my legs were shaking and I was a sweat soaked pile of nerves. Holy cow! Clearly, I was not on "the official trail". While I didn't manage to hike the whole seven miles I certainly managed a good workout. I'm gonna feel it tomorrow.
This image doesn't do the steepness of the trail justice. No falls, whoopie!