Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kennedy Meadows (north)

I'm camped here Deadman campground, soon to take off on a five day horse packing trip. I'll be with four friends, one guide and a cook---named Sandy. Not to mention horses enough for all of us and whatever gear/food needed for the trip. Everyone else is going to lake and fly fish but this is wasted on me. I'll just ride till we get somewhere and then hike around while my friends search for the perfect trout. 

I attempted to shuttle hikers up to Sonora pass but no one needed to go today. When I drove up there this afternoon, no one was there needing a ride back! I tried, I really did. No matter, I invited three PCT hikers to sleep in my campsite tonight so at least I can help that way. 

I'm thinking there is a pile of fun in my future.