Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28th It's all good!

Got the results from all my tests and I am, according to the results, the picture of health. Excellent! I can only guess I got a stomach bug, either from some food source or from the ethers, or aliens ;-) Whatever. But it's all good and confirms my plan to begin again on August 1st. Woohoo!

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th Going back out there

Angela tells me I should announce when I plan to get back on the trail so I guess I'll let you all in on the plans, as they stand now.

Assuming I get my gut issues resolved I am planning to head back out to the trail on August 1st, or thereabouts. I'll drive my truck to Ashland, Oregon and leave it at my cousins house just off of Hwy 5 and take off east on the PCT. Oregon is relatively flat, and I've never hiked there, so it seems a good spot to re-enter the trip. I will have close to two months to work my way up and see just how far I can get before the snows fly in the north. Hopefully all the way to Canada.

As for my health status I should get the results of my tests this Thursday and I'll post the outcome here as soon as I know what is up. I feel better now than I've felt in a couple of weeks but that doesn't mean I'm done with it, whatever "it" is. But hey, at least I'm home and having fun while I figure this out.