Thursday, March 1, 2012

I think I am closer to deciding which blog to focus on for this long hike. I managed to buy and download the newest Mac software, OSX Lion. The reason for this is that I found out I could sync my iPhone to my computer via iCloud. What that means is that when I take a photo/video on my phone, that software doo-hicky, thing-a-mabob magically floats the image over the, I don't know what, and puts it into my computer... no matter where I am or how far. Who knew? What this means for my trip is that I will be able to keep my phone/camera from getting too full of images without having to physically be on my computer. WOW!

I still have to figure out how to shrink my images but I did find an app, Ever Clipper Plus, that will do the job, at least on the still images. Those videos? Well I don't know if this is possible but I'll still try to find an answer. Too bad I'm not interested in computer problems.... this has been, and continues to be, a hell-ride for me. But, I guess it can be solved. Thanks to those who emailed me to make suggestions!

Wow. How cool is that. I was able to send a photo, nothing exciting as you can see, but still I sent it directly from my phone to this blog. It just might work after all!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Electronic Hell

I have been in great turmoil lately, trying to decide what kind of journal I want to use for my upcoming PCT hike. I started with and would like to use their set-up but I can't seem to get photos to upload onto the website. I could use a second application to get my photos smaller but that adds yet another layer of complication to the picture. Plus, I can't put any videos onto Postholer and I would like to be able to do that. The best thing about Postholers site is that it is a well known site and lots of people will easily find it and hopefully follow the blog.

Another option is to use this blog as my trail journal. I am familier with this site so it easier for me to manage. I have been able to put videos and images on here in the past, though they have been made on a camera with much smaller image sizes.  If I had lots of computer experience and knew the ins and outs of the beasts it probably wouldn't seem so daunting, but I don't and it does. There you have it.

Part of the difficulty is that my newly purchased, for this trip, super expensive iPhone 4S will not allow me to make the adjustments necessary to shrink my images to the correct size for emailing to either site. So here I have this wonderful camera phone with lots of capacity but no way to upload it to journal sites.

Anyone got any ideas?

I'm about 5 minutes away from pulling out my crummy little 4 megapixal camera (that uses AA batteries), some paper and a pencil and calling it done. HELP!